Norsif breakfast Seminar: Sustainable investments in real estate – development and trends

Real estate is an important asset class in many portfolios, and sustainable management of real estate investments is becoming increasingly important. How do you ensure sustainable real estate investments, what tools do we have and what are the views of asset managers and investors?

Norsif is hosting a breakfast seminar to discuss the international development in sustainable real estate investing. How do asset managers and investors work with sustainable real estate investments? What are the industry standards and what opportunities and challenges are they facing? How is the Norwegian market when it comes to sustainable real estate?

Here are the presentations from the seminar: 

GRESB, Sander Paul van Tongeren

Credit Suisse, Stephan Bruenner

Grønn Byggallianse, Kjetil N. Gulbrandsen

Time: Wednesday November 29th, 08.30 – 10.45. Breakfast and coffee will be served from 08.00 
Location: Formuesforvaltning, Henrik Ibsens gate 53, 0122 Oslo
Registration deadline: November 24th.

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Welcome by Norsif

GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark), Sander Paul van Tongeren, Managing Director
The investor driven organization GRESB has developed tools to measure sustainability in real estate portfolios. What are international trends on sustainable real estate. How does GRESB tools work, and how can you benchmark funds and managers in a good way?

Credit Suisse, Stephan Bruenner, Senior fund Manager
The Fund Manager Perspective: Credit Suisse have been active in their work with sustainable real estate investments. What do they emphasize in their work? Is there a “value add” from greener real estate?

Formuesforvaltning, Susanne Gløersen, Sustainability Strategist
The Investor Perspective: What are investors focused on in their real estate investments, why, and how are they following up their investments from a sustainability perspective?

Grønn Byggallianse,  Kjetil Novang Gulbrandsen, Project Manager «Added value from green buildings»
The Norwegian network Grønn Byggallianse is an important arena for green real estate, and developers that aim to become more sustainable. What is status in the Norwegian market, what trends do they see in Norway and what is the added value of green real estate?

Panel and discussion
Following the presentations, GRESB will host a panel discussion with the following participants:
Credit Suisse, Formuesforvaltning, DNB and Entra.

After the seminar GRESB will hold a session informing more in detail of GRESB and their work, membership and advantages of joining their network (from 11.00-12.00 at Formuesforvaltnig)

The seminar is open for everyone, however, we do have a maximum capacity so be sure to register early.


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