Workshop: frontiers of SRI/ESG

The results from the latest Eurosif study of the SRI market was presented at a workshop organized by the Norwegian Business School BI. Norsif engaged TNS SIFO Prospera to give an overview of the results from a Norwegian and a Nordic perspective.

Over the last couple of decades, socially responsible investment has become a major trend. With a focus on environmental social and governance issues added on to traditional financial criteria, investment decisions and portfolio management has taken on new dimensions.

This workshop brings together researchers and Nordic practitioners to take stake of what we have achieved, and to discuss where the field is moving. Central questions that will be addressed are:

  • Has SRI/ESG been a success?
  • What are the current practices and what do they deliver?
  • Where should the field be moving?
  • What are the challenges ahead?

Workshop chair: Atle Midttun (BI)

  • Atle Midttun: Introduction
  • Erik Eliasson (TNS SIFO Prospera):  Overview of SRI/ESG in Europe and the Nordic Countries
  • Lars G. Hassel (keynote) (USBE): SRI/ESG: What has it Delivered?
  • Philip Ripman (Storebrand): SRI/ESG in Storebrand
  • Heidi Finskas (KLP): SRI/ESG in KLP
  • Christopher Wright (NBIM): SRI /ESG in Norges Bank Investment Management

Presentation of the Nordic SRI Market 2012 by TNS SIFO Prospera

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