Åpent seminar: ESG Alpha – from fiction to reality

An increasing number of studies show a positive link between ESG and risk/return of investments. How do asset managers and investors develop strategies to take advantage of this ESG alpha, and which factors and themes provides the most financial value? We have gathered global experts and pioneering asset managers to share their insight and experience on this topic.

Presentations from the event:

Download video from the conference here.

Finansavisen March 4th:

Finansavisen March 4th:

Location: PwC, Dronning Eufemiasgate 8, Oslo
Format: Breakfast seminar
Time: March 3rd, 08.30 – 10.30 am


08.00 Coffee and croissants

08.30 Welcome by Norsif

08.35 “From ethics to Alpha”
Matthew Kiernan, Founder and CEO, Inflection Point Capital Management

09.00 “How sustainability can drive financial performance”
Omar Selim, CEO, Arabesque Asset Management

09.35 “ESG is an ingredient. The recipe is impact”
George Latham, Managing Partner and CIO, Wheb Asset Management

10.10 “How to price and value ESG factors – case study”
Justin Sloggett, Investment Practices Senior Manager, Listed Equity and Hedge Funds, PRI

10.35 Closing remarks by Norsif

There will be coffee and informal networking after the seminar.



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